Welcome to AIESEC Western!

AIESEC…an acronym that has since morphed into the name of one of the largest youth run organizations worldwide. There are those who know and embrace AIESEC, and those who have no clue about it at all. Fear not! With this blog, we hope to share the wonders of AIESEC – with a focus on things happening with the UWO branch.


What is AIESEC?

Aiesec was founded in Europe 1948 with the goal for students of various universities to share information and internships with one another…it has since expanded into a self-sustaining network of 90,000 members in 124 countries and territories. Known for its internship opportunities abroad, AIESEC Canada has been recognized and approved by the Government of Canada.

However, the AIESEC experience brings much more value than simply internship opportunities, it strives to offer individuals professional & personal development. This is done through its many programs including its Global Internship Program, Global Development Program, Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences at various regional and international levels.

AIESEC Western

How does Western come into play? To put it simply, AIESEC is set up with different regional levels. Within Aiesec, there are international teams, national teams, regional teams, and local teams. Like other universities that have AIESEC chapters, AIESEC Western is a local chapter composed of the people who make AIESEC happen – the exchange participants and local members who volunteer their time to allow for such internships, workshops, and conferences to succeed.

Fun Fact: AIESEC Western used to be larger than the USC and the second floor of UCC had an AIESEC office.

Stick with us as we explore the various portfolios of AIESEC and show what Western is all about!



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