EP Spotlight #2 -Lucy Liu in Taiwan

Hey AIESEC Western! Global Citizen and Global Internship exchanges are happening again this summer, for those who are interested, Taiwan is one of our Exchange partners. Read on to find out more about our EP Spotlight’s experience on Social Entrepreneurship in Taiwan!

Lucy Liu, a current third year double majoring in Psychology, and Accounting went on an AIESEC exchange to Taipei last summer! Lucy described the experience as unforgettable and is eager to return to Taiwan for a second time!

Basic Info! What’s your name? Program? Year?

Lucy Liu, 3rd year double major psychology and accounting

When and where did you go on AIESEC Exchange? Was it GIP? GCDP?

Went on oGCDP during the past summer

How was your experience?

My experience made me realize a lot of things about myself that I previously did not know. It also opened my eyes up to a different culture and lifestyle.

What did you do (work/volunteer) over in _____________?

I did a marketing intern in Taipei for a new tourism brand “Taipei Wanderer”. We worked to establish partnerships and brand image to kick-start their new tourism projects.

How did you find the culture?

I loved the culture in Taiwan. People have a very different attitude towards life compared to in Canada. Because the economy in Taiwan is not outstanding, people are a lot more focused towards making the best out of everything. They are not as career focused and materialistic as the western world and much more about living quality. You will see local artworks everywhere and almost every store or restaurant (no matter how small, or how old their renovations are) tries to provide customers with a unique experience and some personal touch.

Favourite part of the trip? Least favourite part?

Traveling alone around Taiwan and meeting interesting people along the way.

How did AIESEC Western facilitate your experience? How was the local AIESEC community?

AIESEC Western helped me a lot during my experiences. They were following up on me every step of the way, from application to going abroad. Even when I had difficulties in Taiwan, they were the first ones that I went to and they always tried their best to make sure that I was having the best experiences that I could. I felt excited when I shared my stories with my EP Manager and I could feel him being as happy as I was. Even though I didn’t have a chance to meet up with the Taipei Local Committee, I met AIESECers everywhere else I went during my experience and it made me realize how much support and how big the organization was.

Reflecting back: Anything that you wish you would’ve done or never got a chance to.

Nope, it really was a perfect experience


What advice would you give people setting out on an AIESEC exchange?

Be open to new experiences and know that even though you may not be experiencing things the way that you are used to, it does not mean that it is “bad”. Understand the local culture and how the locals are able to discover their own happiness in that environment.

Finally if you were to rate it out of 10 (10 being best), what would you give your experience?

Definitely a 12/10


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