EP Spotlight #3 – Wendy Pu in Korea

Hey AIESECWestern! This week’s EP Spotlight is Wendy Pu, currently a 2nd year at Western University. Like Evan, Wendy went to South Korea the summer of 2014 to teach children English and knowledge about Canada, read on to find out more about her experience!

“This is in Dorasan Station near the border between North and South Korea. There was a train route that travelled in to North Korea in 2007, sort of like a trade route. The original plan was for it to lead into China and other parts of Asia. The border crossing was closed by the North Korean government in 2008 when it accused South Korea of a confrontational policy. I would consider myself relatively educated in current affairs regarding North Korea prior to going to South Korea, and it’s so surreal to be so close to the hermit nation. I can hardly imagine what it feels like for Koreans of the older generation to possibly have long-lost relatives on the other side.”

  1. Basic Info! What’s your name? Program? Year?

Wendy Pu, Computer Science, 2nd year

  1. When and where did you go on AIESEC Exchange? Was it Global Talent? Global Citizen?

Summer 2014, Global Citizen, Korea with AIESEC Yonsei

  1. How was your experience?

It was great! I was able to practice my Korean skills, enjoy lots of delicious food, meet local university students as well as elementary school students.

  1. What did you do (work/volunteer) over in _____________?

I taught students aged 7-13 in a local community area.

  1. How did you find the culture?

I loved it, I’ve been interested in Korean culture since middle school and took second year Korean before I went, so it was kind of like a dream come true.

  1. Favourite part of the trip? Least favourite part?

Favourite part: barbecue on the streets and soju. Least favourite part: Don’t visit Namsan Tower in the rain, at night. It was still pretty, but we got drenched.

  1. How did AIESEC Western facilitate your experience? How was the local AIESEC community?

AIESEC Western was quite supportive, and AIESEC Yonsei was amazing. They took us out for dinner the first night we got there, kept in contact with us almost every day, and travelled with us to our volunteer center. One of the local AIESEC-ers even went on a mini-trip with us to the Mud Festival in Boryeong.

  1. Reflecting back: Anything that you wish you would’ve done or never got a chance to.

I kind of wish my Egyptian EP and I actually went bungee jumping. We were a bit scared since we don’t speak the language fluently….I was like, what if they told us not to jump yet and we jumped?!

  1. What advice would you give people setting out on an AIESEC exchange?

Be open-minded. There will be weird dishes you’ve never seen, people who react differently to certain situations, and people who might stare at you because you look different.

  1. Finally if you were to rate it out of 10 (10 being best), what would you give your experience?
    Off the scale

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