EP Spotlight #4 – Connie Wong in China

Hey AIESEC Western! Our EP Spotlight this week is our very own Vice President Talent Management, Connie Wong! Connie went on a Marketing Internship to Beijing China during her first year last summer, read on to find out more about her experience and how she managed to adapt to the foreign culture! (more…)


EP Spotlight #3 – Wendy Pu in Korea

Hey AIESECWestern! This week’s EP Spotlight is Wendy Pu, currently a 2nd year at Western University. Like Evan, Wendy went to South Korea the summer of 2014 to teach children English and knowledge about Canada, read on to find out more about her experience!


Introduction to AIESEC Conferences!

Ask any AIESECer what they love to do throughout their experience in AIESEC, and one thing they’ll insist upon are AIESEC conferences! Guaranteed. No matter where you are in the world, the numerous conferences hosted by AIESEC are life changing experiences. From personal development, to collaborations, to just plain fun – it is one thing that you truly have to experience in person


EP Spotlight #1 – Evan Chen in Korea

Hey AIESEC Western! We’re happy to introduce our first blog spotlight from our EP Story Series! For those of you who don’t know what an “EP” stands for, it’s a short form we use to call “Exchange Participants.” These are the people whom represent the very values of AIESEC as they take the leap to go abroad and be able to utilize their  skillset through either AIESEC’s GCDP or GIP programs.